I hate Tweek, it makes my hair sticky and dry and dull and I have no idea why! It doesn't contain PVP, the glycerine wouldn't give me this result, I love protein... It does this to my hands as well, I have to be VERY quick, or else it has dried on my hands.

Hate the glitters as well.

I have a nearly full 4oz bottle. Care to trade?
2c? 3a? Mostly coarse, but LOVIN' the proteins and fighting overconditioning! My hair is just plain weird

LowPOO; Creme of Nature shampoo
CO; L'Oreal Nutrigloss & AOGBP
Other; nettle tea once a week instead of CO, JCRR, JCAS
Stylers; KCCC, L'oreal studio line gel
Don't like; PVP, non-vegetable glycerine

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