One variation on Rudee's method that has helped me: I apply my base (curl cream) before cupping/soaking, but then I don't apply the final product (gel for hold) until after plopping, when my hair is still wet but no longer soaking wet. I think (but am not sure) that that helps with the hold.
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I was applying my gel after plopping like melaniesusan, but today I applied the gel before my plop. It went AFG + LALSG, brush through, CLU scrunch out the water, plop.

Results were not as good as when I apply the gel after my plop.

However....I find that plopping breaks up my clumps, so next time I'm going to super soak after I plop, maybe scrunch out a little water, and then apply my gel. I'm finding that the purpose of plopping (for me) is to get my hair out of the way so I can apply lotion, toner to my face, etc. Frankly it has never done anything good for my hairstyle
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Go-to products: Pink Boots, CJSG, LALSG, Abba Pure Finish gel
Experimenting with: CJAF, CJ CCCC, JCRR/CC, BRHG, PB Goo, Re:Coil, Komaza CHP, EcoStyler Protein
Didn't like: HESMU, Matrix Biolage Gelee (both too goopy)
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