I watch this show too with my daughter. I actually think it is a great show. Every once in a while I notice something I'm not fond of and talk to my daughter about it.

I didn't see this one but I know my daughter did for sure as she never misses an episode. It is really hard when you are trying to raise a child to be "herself" including loving her curly hair and this stuff keeps appearing.

The only saving grace for me is that even a $150 flat iron didn't do much for my daughters hair. It is just too thick to straighten well. The only way she could do it would be chemical and neither I nor her are willing at this point!

The sad thing is that she goes to a middle school where you don't see very many female curly girls---partly due to demographics (70% Asian) *but* the other girls who are curly either straighten or keep their hair back in a ponytail or bun. What I've been trying to impress upon her is that she is unique--and plus it'll be pretty cool to be one of the only curlies in school---since she is in a class of highly gifted kids it's only outside of her class that issues like this come up...inside the class the kids are a complete mix so they are very accepting

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