I think Matthew's sexy, even though his voice is a little weak. If we're talking "idol" I'd vote for him.

Jennifer, on the other hand, has a gorgeous voice. With some more training, she'll be great. Those eyes scare me though. And is it just me, or is she just like Tempestt Bledsoe during her chunky Cosby days? Even the dress looked like something Tempestt would wear.

I wanted to like Leah because she's the hometown girl. I just don't care for her style. She's one of the younger ones on there--rather than flaky and fake, I'd say she's just immature.

I don't feel the least bit sorry for the people who spent the week there and didn't get a chance to sing. They got a free trip to LA and a week with a proefessional voice coach, a stylist, and the judges. The experience was invaluable, especially if they are serious about this singing gig.
When are women going to face the fact that they donít know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?

Don Langrick
Bonsai Culturist