Ok. I had been investigating about this treatment for almost 6 months before I decided to do it. It was kind of scary because of a couple of things: first, everyone talks about how straight your hair is after the treatment and I did not wanted my curls to go away. Secondly, because of the concerns about side efects of the ingredients and finally, because of the price! I live in houston and every salon is charging between 300-400 and every time I went they said $ 400 or more, ridiculous!!! I went to a salon near my house Art and Beauty back in February and my hair was kind of long they told me $400. They I asked again in April, by then I had cut my hair twice and the guy told me again $400, two weeks ago I went to have my hair cut again (my hair doesn't grow fast) and now it was maybe an inch or less under my shoulder and he told me the first three oz were 300 and then 100 for any extra oz and he probably would use 2 more on my hair so imagine! I was reluctant to go to the salons in the galleria area, but finally decided to take a chance at sensia studios, they told me 300. So I decided to do it. That was last sunday, just a week ago. the process didn't take long. I was at the salon 2 hrs and 15 minutes, but the guy who was doing my hair was doing another girls' hair as well, so there were moments he would left me there while he was finishing with her. It wasn't that much so it didn't bother me but...i would had been faster it it would be just me. Anyway, at the end of the process my hair was pin straight and it didn't feel soft. He explain that was because of the product. The time I was with the hair that way was horrible, because I hate how my hair looks that way. Anyway, as I told you I wanted my curls and I wear my hair that way most of the time and blow dry my hair from time to time bit never pin straight. The panflet I received in the salon said not to wash for 2 days, but the guy who did my hair told me 3 days. Ladies, I wasn't able to wait the 3 days and wash it after 47 1/2 hrs. my hair was really soft and it feels as if i had less hair. I try to air dry without putting any product as some people say they hace been able to do it, but I could see some frizz coming so I wet my hair and apply the products I regularly use and just crunch a bit. So far I am liking it a lot! My hair is definitively easier to fix. Before, to have nice curls done, I devided my hair in sections to apply the product and even after all that ended fixing my curls with the iron. Now there is no need to do that, I just apply the product to my whole hair scrunch a bit and I am ready to go. I have not blow dry my hair straight yet but plan to do it soon, I will try to post something about the resultswhich I hope are with some volume not pin straight. I decided to write this about the curls because while I was investigated there was no information about the results with your curls, so hope this helps if someone else has been misinformed that you will loose your curls!