I just found this post, I must have been sleeping! I can't wait to try this. I have a couple of questions, though.
1. Is diffusing important to it, would air-drying work as well, or does the extra water weigh the curl down for too long as it dries? I don't diffuse, and was thinking about giving it a try, anyway. RudeeChick, what kind of diffuser do you use?

2. Doesn't the super soak step rinse off the product? Why wouldn't it?

I can't wait to try this, I've always looked at rudeechick's and msgiblets pics and wanted my hair to turn out exactly like that.
I think you have gorgeous hair, both. I would give anything for my hair to behave like yours.
I think my hair spirals more on the ends, but clumps are still what I'm after.
thanks for posting this - I, too, can't wait for the video (silly as that sounds)!
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First of thank you for the double compliment of liking my hair and putting me in the same sentence as Msgiblet, whose hair I covet!!

I dont know how airdrying would go; I cant imagine it would be all that different, as by the time I come out of my plop I am no longer soaking wet. I, personally dont air dry as I have way too much hair (takes too long) and air drying increases my volume (which I dont want).

I use the companion diffuser to my T3 blower, btw. And, lastly, I havent had an issue resulting from any product that may be lost to the soaking. Can other users address this please?
Originally Posted by rudeechick
WOW! What a high compliment and honor to be put in Rudee's company! I would kill for curls like hers!

Diffusing is important for me no matter what method or products I'm using. My hair stays too flat to my head if I air dry, which I don't like because I'm different from Rudee in that I like a lot of volume and I don't get it with air drying. I'm also not as curly as Rudee so I need the diffuser to boost my curls a little bit. Anothe reason is my hair is also very thick so it would take hours to dry if I didn't diffuse.

I haven't found that I lose any products when my hair is soaking wet. I tend to be a little heavy handed, though, so that could be part of the reason. I find it distributes better and maybe there is some dilution involved - it really does clump better and helps soften up crunch from product. Since I like volume, the more I experiment with this method I'm finding that I'm happier with my hair when I don't soak it very much. The amount of water in my hair when I come right out of the shower seems to be the right amount for me. I still get a lot of clumping and spiraling, but not so much that it takes away from the volume. I've just been adding a little water to areas that I can see need it and so far this seems to be working the best for me.

I also use the T3 dryer with the companion diffuser.
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