I'd like to know when you experienced super-soakers are applying your gel. Do you just apply it along with your base coats? Melaniesusan, I know you scrunch it in after plopping, but I prefer to rake it through for better distribution which breaks up my clumps. The one time I applied my gel right after super soaking I didn't get enough hold because my hair was just too wet when I applied the gel.
Thanks for your input
2c-3a. Thick density. Texture = mixture of medium and fine.

Always trying to boost my curl!

Go-to products: Pink Boots, CJSG, LALSG, Abba Pure Finish gel
Experimenting with: CJAF, CJ CCCC, JCRR/CC, BRHG, PB Goo, Re:Coil, Komaza CHP, EcoStyler Protein
Didn't like: HESMU, Matrix Biolage Gelee (both too goopy)

Last updated: Dec. 3, 2009