okay i am posting an update.....

so far a pretty mixed experience..... This no-poo concoction really does clean my hair reasonably well so i'm going to keep trying to use it.

I have used it twice since I last posted (so 3 times total). The first time I put it on wet hair, covered with a plastic cap and then used a heat cap and then rinsed out (messy but worked).

The second time I blended the remaining mixture with an egg yolk - since it would act as an emulsifier and also give additional cleansing power and moisture.

The main problem I'm running into is that it's so runny I find it hard to work with. This morning I applied it in sections across my head (the egg yolk variant) while in the shower and yes that seemed to work better. I did get my hair and scalp fairly clean. I really need to find something to thicken it further, any suggestions? I know I can make it with less water but I think I would prefer to keep the current moisture ratio.

Right now it's in the freezer - don't want the egg to go bad.
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