Was anyone else amazed that Lisa L wasn't allowed to perform last night? (The redhed , the first one they told wasn't going to perform). She has an AMAZING voice.
I can't figure out why they didn't put her through!
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I was amazed. And I truly believe that it was solely based on her looks.
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I could not believe this either. Randy tells her she potentially has the best voice in the whole competition and then cuts her. WTF? And then they put in those two short haired blond girls (I think their names are Elizabeth and Katie) who to me are completely interchangeable (not to mention boring) looks-wise and sound-wise.

I think that Leah chick has some balls changing her name to "LaBelle" -- Patti you ain't, darling.

I think all the guys suck, not just in the wildcard round but in the whole competition. That guy who looks kind of like Matt McConaughey is blandly cute but his voice is average. I did like George Huff's performance (I love "Lean On Me") but I am not sure he belongs in the Top 12.

I predict that Paula will pick the cute blond dude, Simon will pick Suzy, Randy will pick George Huff and the viewers will vote for Jennifer Hudson.
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