I am only 2 weeks in, but I quit my first try at CG several years ago for this reason.

I am using the GTTT as my co wash, so that when I "scrub" my scalp it is the Tea Tree Oil that is cleaning it. I am having much better luck this time around. When I co wash with V05 Tea Therapy instead of GTTT, I am itchy by the end of the day, so I know the GTTT is helping.
New here but I think I am:

3a/b with solid 3b at nape
Fine/Medium Texture with Medium Porosity

Co-Wash Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat
Conditioner - GVP Conditioning Balm
Deep Conditioner - Ojon Restorative Treatment (HG!)
Stylers: CJ CCCC, Re: Coil & BRHG (humid Carolina summer)