Well Oprah's hair doesn't bother me at all. I know she has worn weaves before..she's said it on her show and had no problem stating so either! She said she doesn't do it often but she just likes to have fun with a different look. Sort of like she did when she had that Tina Turner wig made and wore it on her show a few times. I have seen her don a lace front before but it's not to the point of over the top. Plus the styles she gets are age appropriate. Like anyone though she has bad hair looks.. if any of us look back in our hair history we've all had looks were we've said, "WHAT WAS I THINKING!" LOL!

Oprah has worn her hair pressed or relaxed almost her entire career except when she had that issue back when Andre Walker first started doing her hair because her hair had been burned out from a former stylist that gave her a perm for Caucasian hair. That was MANY years ago though.. so her hair not being "natural" should be nothing new.

I've seen Oprah's real hair several times on tv, in magazines, and on the internet. And she has A LOT OF HAIR. And I don't think she gets it relaxed anymore.. from what I read she's pressed. And not to brag, but I have wig, weave, half-wig, extension, and lace-front raydar. ROFL. Oprah wears her OWN hair more often than not.

Her hair is lovely and Andre takes GOOD care of her hair. And I HARDLY think Oprah after openly discussing being raped, molested, being promiscious, etc and sharing some of the most intimate details of her life in front of MILLONS on tv would lie about if her hair was fake or not.

I saw an interview once where Oprah says during her down time she likes to wear her natural hair braided because she doesn't like to mess with her hair to much. Which gave me the answer to why I kept seeing her in photos in mags when she wasn't taping with braids. I've seen her hair braided many times in those mags and she does have a lot of hair and it doesn't look relaxed AT ALL . She definitely has 4b hair type and it's thick and healthy!

Oprah AND her hair rock! And I don't blame a lot of celebrities for wearing wigs, weaves, extensions, lace-fronts, half wigs, etc. ESPECIALLY for women of color because my goodness all the messing with the hair one has to endure in Hollywood.. a sista would HAVE no hair! I collect black hair care magazines like no one's business and every single female black celebrity that I've read about when asked does she wear fake hair..the main and number one answer is always similar to: "YES, to protect against the damage that would occur to my real hair because of all the styling!"

Even non-black women are catching on to this as well... Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Misha Barton, Cameron Diaz, Kristina Aguleria, Lindsay Lohan, Selena Gomez, and even Miley Cyrus! They have ALL had extensions.. so would even some celebs you wouldn't believe wear them occassionally like Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kiera Knightly...

I mean heck just about every Caucasian celebrity hair that Ken Paves has styled has donned fake hair at one point or another.. LOL! He seems to love sticking in clip ins or apply weave some how.. ROFL.

Last point about Oprah..one needs to keep in mind that she's 55 years old (around my own mother's age) and when she was coming up it was common for black women to press their hair out or have it pressed out. If they didn't have what some in the black community call "good hair" they pressed it until like the 70's when rocking the Afro was popular. Many black women born and coming up during that time still have the mentality that their hair should be pressed out to look "decent" and so it can be styled "easily". I mean heck..black women in 2009 today STILL think they have to be relaxed, pressed, flat ironed, etc to look decent. And now these lace-fronts, weaves, etc are an extension of that...LOL.. "an extension of that..".. ROFL..