Hello (sorry for the repeated message, I thought I should copy this into my 3c group as well.)
Anyways, I really missed this website. I have been an NC follower for about two years now.I made a promise to report on the status of my hair health and length in my signature( I hope someone will remember me)
Well I'm now able to tell my story ( I will try to make it brief )
Stage#1Before I visited NC and Tried the Girly Girl Rules:
Hair was always shoulder length. I was never ablet o grow it past my collar bone.
Hair was either in a missy ponytail or burned down straight with Flat and curling iron.
I never know how to deal with its natural curls.
Stage #2 During my nc and cg Peak Time of Attachement:
Had many complements on my natural curls that I was, for the first time, proud of.
visited this website ten times a day.
Had wet hair almost all the time.
I was close to selling my house to try all the hair products out there. I literally spent hundrets of dollars.
Never used heat, hair spray, I shampooed and used silicones from time to time and conditioned ALOT.
Tried to take many vitamins like flaxseed, formula 23? , biotin etc
Stage #3After Weaning off the Rigid Curly Hair Routine:
I straightened my hair (using flat Iron),for the first time after one year and half and found the most pleasant surprise ever. My hair, though still damaged at the ends from previous abuses, grow long enough to touch the middle of my back.I felt so happy to be able to achieve my almost 10+ years dream length.
I visit the website like once a month or so to read new articles but I feel I know all the necessary info by now.
I sometimes wear it curly but becouse I strated to iron it from time to time and in special occasions,It doesn't look as good as before.
I try to moisturize frequently.
I'm no longer a curl junkie, I'm happy to use anything. I still avoid harsh shampoos and hair sprays though.
Overall the experience was very good for my hair, especially its length.
Good luck to everyone out there