I know... ruffling is the worst. My parents are big culprits - my dad always ruffles the back of my hair and ruins it, but when I ask for them not to do that because it'll mess up my hair, they just laugh and call me vain! Rrrgh. Fortunately the hair around my face forms corkscrews that are pretty much indestructible (I could get perfect fifth-day hair if I had them all over my head), so I can resort to updos if I need to.
Thick, mostly 2c with some 3a; fine texture, medium/high porosity, and a very strange curl & wave pattern.

Started CG (properly) as of 6/31/2009.

Cowash | Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze or Juicy Green Apple
Rinse-out | Burt's Bees Super Shiny
Leave-in | Live Clean Intense Moisturizing

Right now: growing hair past shoulder-length, looking to take decent hair picture (my avatar is my first day of CG).