hey laurabeth! great list but for me i feel one of the frizz's (fluffy frizz) isnt caused by lack of moisture but too much ie. overconditioning. maybe have one in there for that, or edit fluffy frizz to include over conditioning? or does 'frizz' mean the hair is dry and therefore overconditioning doesnt count?
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Oh, that's another goody...

Overconditioning Frizz--Frizz caused by too much moisture that causes a combination of Flyaway Frizz and Fluffy Frizz. The difference in Fluffy Frizz and Overconditioning Frizz is that the hair feels soft with Overconditioning Frizz rather than dry.

Is the frizz you get from curl enhancers consider product frizz? or is that from too much product?

If I use a light gel over some curl enhancers I'll get this real light halo frizz. Which is weird since I very rarely have frizz. I did that just today actually
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This could be the Frizz on Application/Scrunching. If it's not looking producty, it wouldn't be Producty Frizz.

I know volumizing products have that same effect on me. Maybe another type could be...

Volumizing/Curl Boosting Product-Induced Frizz--The frizz that comes along with the wonderful volume or curl boosting of a product that provides either or both but also decreases the curly's control over his/her curls, allowing some frizz. This is frequently halo or surface frizz in appearance, but it is directly tied to the use of this boosting-type product.