Those of you who have tried it, do you like it or not?

I bought this thinking I would try it since I've read good things about aloe and the large bottle was on sale for a dollar.

I used it in the shower and tried to untangle my hair. I swear I could hear it screaming at me. I was horrible, I never have that hard a time untangling. It felt dry & brittle, like if I had just used shampoo and not put in any conditioner at all.

For some reason I decided to put some in after I got out, no gel or anything else, just the conditioner. I let it air dry, and it came out with no frizz, and shiny (I'm rocking some not so smooth 3rd day hair today. I'd put up pictures otherwise). It wasn't as soft as it is normally, but still no frizz???

Has anyone had anything similar happen?

I'm thinking of just buying another bottle of conditioner (my hair seems to really like the Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze, or the Coconut), and just using the aloe one for afterward as a type of replacement for gel (unless I notice that it is too drying even with the over condish).

What are your thoughts???