I've been following the super-soaker thread, and looking with awe & envy at some of the pics posted. Then, looking at my hair. yuck.
So now, I'm wondering about haircuts and clumps.
When I look at any given curl clump in most of those pics, it looks like all the hairs in the clump have mostly the same length. Like there is a fairly 'clean' cut end to the clump.
My clumps aren't like that. Lets say just for a round number, my clump has 50 hairs in it. Maybe 45-ish of them will be almost the same length, and then there will be 3-5 stragglers that hang longer than the rest. Like up to an inch longer.
Should a really good curly cut mean that your curls are 'neat' looking, same length hairs in that clump?
I've had my hair cut (dry) by a deva-trained stylist, I got 'rebel' hairs that hang down from its 'clump' crowd.
I've had my hair cut wet by a stylist recommended in salons, she seemed like she was looking at the curls, but I got the same results.

Sorry to be long-winded, but does this make sense?
Is this how a curly cut just is? I'm interested to know what the ends of other curlies clumps are like.