I agree with that... she is Black AND white.

The italic is what I would teach my son too. I think we agree on the same basic philosophy. I want him to understand where the idea of race came and why it was made up... but then figure out how to work within that framework to do what he can to better himself and others.

The last bold is pretty much what I do when I hear the word "biracial", LOL.
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Ok, so hold on a moment... You agree that she is Black AND White. Black and White are racial terms. "Bi" refers to two. Sooo, that would make her...biracial, right? I'm just saying!
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Sure, but what I'm saying is that most people are biracial. You however are saying the term doesn't apply to people whose 4th great grandparent is white and the rest Black - though that person is also Black and white and biracial. So I'm getting that when people use the term biracial, they usually mean one parent is Black and one is white, or maybe a grandparent. I don't like the separate term based on what generation your mix comes from.

Your daughter has one parent who identifies as white and one who identifies as Black - that's a fact and is part of who she is. But labelling herself "biracial" because of it is a political choice. Labelling herself "Black" is a political choice. What choice you make depends on what value you (gy) put on the fact of having a white and a Black parent, is all I am saying.
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