but if you say your daughter is black and polish that kinda makes no sense because,then I'm black polish and german but i'm still black and white because my mother may be polish and german but she's still white, and I know black people from poland and germany and i know mixed kids who have parents who happen to be black and white, but from germany. Its kind of like your saying black people can't be from europe or something unless your referring to a black person who is polish but then why would you say black and polish?
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Because that's what she is. If you ask my husband what he is (and people do, because he can pass for many things) he will tell you he is Polish. If you want to get technical, she's Belizean Polish. But, then she'd have to explain Belize is where Belizeans come from, that it is a country in Central America, blah blah blah, because not many people know of Belize. Hence, Black and Polish, or briacial for short. ETA: She could also say African Polish-American, which is how my mom sometimes refers to her.

And yes, Black people can be in Poland, but that is not necessarily their heritage. They would likely be African-Polish (or have the luxury of being able to claim a specific country in Africa to be really technical), similar to the way we here are African-American. And to further get technical, those Black people in Poland may not be Black Poles like my daughter, because they may not have a Polish blood line.

zoe kravitz, daughter of lenny kravitz and lisa bonet is...? can someone choose her identity?
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Since you ask, I would say that Zoe Kravitz is biracial, since she happens to come from two biracial parents with the same basic mix.
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not asking w/ any malice. What if your daughter grows up and only identifies with her black side? Like she may still be up on Polish tradition but self-IDs as black when she gets older... would you consider her black and white or go w/ what she chooses? Or the converse, opting or maybe passing for entirely Polish?
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