I like my 4a/3c S-curls. Most of them actually have a wee bit of clumping. But the part in the front that doesn't understand the word clumping makes me sad sometimes. I've mostly given up on clumping in that section and I just try to treat it nicely. I have envied those with a full head of corkscrews in the past, but my S-coils are their own unique thing (and I have a few rogue corkscrews on my head so I don't feel totally left out). Also, if I ever get the urge to straighten, the s-curls are really easy to pull out.
layer cake of tight, spongy and silky/thready S strands that kink more than they coil
spiced with a few spiral coils and non-curling waves
mostly medium and fine with a sprinkle of coarse strands
protein is yummy