No clumps here, just stringy curls. It's always been that way. It's a little crazy with coils, s-curls, sometimes it reverses direction part-way down.
It won't clump no matter how hard I try so, just as I learned to love my curly hair, I have also learned to love my stringy curly hair.
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Mine is terrible about that! It's practically impossible for me to try like the "skip curl" method or any kind of twirling the hair around my finger to make ringlets/clumps because the coil reverses directions sometimes 2 or 3 times! It works better if I just scrunch it and hope for the best.

My biggest problem with clumping (or lack thereof) is that my hair is never consistent. Some days they're good, some days they're not. And I have a serious variety of curl types, so that makes it more complicated too. I would love to have better clumps and ringlets, but I would be happy if I could just get it to be consistent.
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