And I'm still of the belief that the super-clumpers almost always have 3A hair like rudeechick, and the super-stringies are usually 3B.
3A hair seems to be more consistant in its coiling, 3B has a multitude of curl types on one head so the hair just can't clump. So we need to just let it do it's thing.
Just my 2 cents.
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
That does make sense.

I've seen better clumps from 2Cs and 3As than I do with 3Bs and up. There are exceptions of course. I've seen 3Cs and 4As with teeny corkscrews that would be considered clumpy for the typical 3C/4A curl diameter.

Then you have the mixed types, the 3a/b mixes like Hockeymom that get great clumps.

I think that it is just a little easier to clump/corkscrew when you have a larger curl diameter.

I can get corkscrews - sorta - and they tend to be a bit lazier and more loose if that makes sense. I guess those are more spirals than corkscrews. I also had them when I had short bangs.

ETA: I agree that it is easier to let the hair do its thing. I just have to stop being jealous of the clumpers, lol.
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