Thank you so much for starting this thread, RCC. I too have stringy, spaghetti-sized curls, s-curls, some sort of spirals and waves all mixed together. I can relate to what many have posted already, including having curls that corkscrew the bottom half-inch (how strange is that??) and not being able to do the pin-curl method because my curl switches direction halfway down. I really appreciate the idea of embracing my hair no matter what it does. After reading about clumping on this board, I was starting to get so frustrated and feeling so inadequate, similar to the inadequate feelings I had all the time when I would flat-iron my hair for a good half hour and it would NEVER look as smooth and shiny as my stepdaughter's naturally poker-straight long hair. Nor would my hair ever MOVE once I got it straight, because I slicked it with a ton of silicone and hairspray. I don't ever want to go back to feeling that way, and don't want my CG journey to become another way to feel inadequate about the great hair I was given. My hair now MOVES, it is bouncy and shiny for the first time ever, and it is healthier and curlier than it has ever been. I am trying also to make peace with its inconsistencies, because on any given day I can have more or less waves, more or less curl and right now I can't always figure out why. Years ago I got full spiral perms for several years so that I could have consistency in my curls. I am DONE with damaging my hair (well, except for coloring it, but the CG method helps me keep it much healthier even with coloring) to make it something it is not.
Hair type: 2b, wavy/curly, color treated, fine texture but high density
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I think my hair likes protein!!