It depends on how you define long.
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That is very subjective isn't it? When you consider the shrinkage that is inherent to this hair type. I guess I mean someone with a BAA. Or apl or bsl when strectched.
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Ah, thanks. I do think there is need for this thread, checking out fotkis I see a lot of people who are confused about what coffee stirrer curls 4A looks like.

It's very tiny and I always see curlies of a much larger diameter say they are coffee stirrer size. I mean it is confusing, most of my curls are somewhere in between pencil and the tinyness of that as are most people. But finding a true coffee stirrer is hard. Lenny Kravitz is one:

Well if the person doesn't have to have ALL coffee stirrer curls, I could post in a year or so. My pen spring curls are only on my canopy.

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