And I'm still of the belief that the super-clumpers almost always have 3A hair like rudeechick, and the super-stringies are usually 3B.
3A hair seems to be more consistant in its coiling, 3B has a multitude of curl types on one head so the hair just can't clump. So we need to just let it do it's thing.
Just my 2 cents.
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Theres gotta be something to that, cause I do have a few patches of 3b and they seem to be very clump resistant!
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I too think there seems to something in this: I have a couple of thin corkscrews that usually never clump. The only way to get them to clump is to "turn" their direction when wet - this seems to "open them" up. I don't mind the thinner curls in terms of how they look, but I don't like one of them because its impractical - it frames my face but tends to sort of fall into my face, and it's hard to keep it away because it won't pair up with other curls. Hm, difficult to describe.

I also have one spot were I get a weird clump - two or three curls with a larger curl diameter sort of curling into each other, resulting in a very odd curl shape. Luckily this one is mostly hidden by the hair on top.
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