this happened to me earlier in the summer. one side of my hair waas curlier than the other and i looked lopsided .

what i ended up doing was using my better gel (kccc) on the curlier side, and my good but not nearly as spectacular gel (long aid activator gel) on the less curly side. that way, once they shrunk i had more hold on the side that would shrink more and less hold on the side that wouldnt.....its like balance
3c/4a fotki [update 4/18/09]
approaching BSL
BC 4/26/08! Last relaxer April '07

aussie moist /suave coconut conditioner (cowash/leave-in)
long aid activator gel
random condish+honey+olive oil+cocnut milk+whole milk+conditioner (DT)
finger combing>>>>Tangle Teaser