I still struggle with acceptance of my natural hair texture. It's not as bad now because I feel a lot more confident, in general. I go out with my hair curly, good and bad days. And I also straighten sometimes. But for many years, I felt like my hair was hideous and that I had no chance in being accepted or considered attractive because of it. Part of the problem is that I didn't know how to take care of my curly hair. Brushing, harsh sulfates, etc.

And people were definitely cruel. I remember one of my close friends telling me that my hair felt and looked like a Brillo pad. Another friend's brother said I would be really cute if not for my "bad hair." I remember going to a concert once, and it was very hot and humid inside. My hair had been behaving, but it frizzed out like crazy in the humidity. All of my friends were laughing and saying, "What happened to your hair?" When you're already insecure about something, those words can really hurt.

I'll also admit, having curly hair affected my life in some obvious ways. I didn't go swimming with friends too often because I didn't want them to see my hair after it gets wet and dries to a mass of frizz. I skipped out on trips to the lake or fun outdoor activities in the summer when it was really humid because I didn't want to be embarrassed by my temperamental hair. I think that's the saddest part of all - that I didn't feel free to just have fun and do what a kid or young person should do because I was afraid of how my hair would react.

The last year of high school, I discovered flat irons. I wore my hair straight from then on all throughout college. Then I tried going CG for more than a full year after college, and I did everything right.. but it just didn't work for me. My hair is very fine in texture and a lot of products and routines that are designed for curlies don't work for me. So now I'm back to a routine that uses some cones but largely focuses on gentle cleansing and lots of deep conditioning. So far, so good.
3Aish hair, thin and fine-to-medium in texture, couple inches past shoulder length
Wash/Condition: Jessicurl GLS, Aloeba, Too Shea
Curly: GVP The Cream (love this)
Straight: Ojon Tunu on wet hair, Aveda Smoothing Fluid and Style Prep Smoother before flat ironing or blow drying

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