I have nothing even close to resembling a corkscrew. Maybe close to an s curl (I think), but not really.

A lightbulb recently went off for me (DING!). I was using all these curl cremes hoping to get more curl, when I realized that my waves are very easily weighed down. Dropped the curl creme and voila! not much difference in the curl and I have longer hold. I'll take the longer hold over curlier curls.

Only the icequeen method gives me anything resembling clumps and I have to be careful with that. i don't have a whole lotta hair so it can make me look bald in spots. I usually break up the clumps near the scalp. I think its important for me to NOT get too much product near the scalp heh.

My hair in the shower becomes strings. not even really curly, about one big S per string.

I'd also like to say that its inspirational that RCC started this thread, because I honestly never looked at her pics and thought "oh, skinny curls". All I saw was, "awesome!"

Seriously, I'm learning that we are our own worst critics. RCC works so well with her own hair type that it looks beautiful. Variety is the spice of life!
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Me too - I've always thought RCC's curls look amazing!
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LOVE CJ products but CJ is no longer sold in Europe and does not ship to Europe so looking for other products. Like Crown Pride and Curly Kinks.
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