It depends on how you define long.
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That is very subjective isn't it? When you consider the shrinkage that is inherent to this hair type. I guess I mean someone with a BAA. Or apl or bsl when strectched.
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Ah, thanks. I do think there is need for this thread, checking out fotkis I see a lot of people who are confused about what coffee stirrer curls 4A looks like.

It's very tiny and I always see curlies of a much larger diameter say they are coffee stirrer size. I mean it is confusing, most of my curls are somewhere in between pencil and the tinyness of that as are most people. But finding a true coffee stirrer is hard. Lenny Kravitz is one:

Well if the person doesn't have to have ALL coffee stirrer curls, I could post in a year or so. My pen spring curls are only on my canopy.
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Will you tell these ladies Kinky Keeper. I luv my sistas, but come on ladies, some of you can clearly fit a magic marker between your curls and you're posting pics in the pen spring thread. Not a good look ladies. lol Not a good look. lol

Wow I had no idea Lenny had coils. I thought was more the cloud of soft fluffy goodness type. Either way got damn that men's sex appeal is out of this world.

And please do post pics of your coiled locks Kinky keeper. All of mine aren't pen spring either. Some or more like eye liner pencil diameter. I doubt a person exists with coils that uniform. lol