I can clump a bit but if I do, my hair has no movement and takes forever to dry. I have skinnier curls and although most are corkscrew, a bunch are something between corkscrew and s-curl. Very frustrating sometimes.

As mine gets longer, it will probably elongate and look more like rcc's hair. Since it is so dense the weight will eventually affect it. My bangs are JUST like your's though rcc. I'm thinking of asking Struttswife to snip mine a bit shorter so they don't separate as much and stop falling into my eyes.

All in all, I love my hair. It is healthy, dense and I have a lot of curl. I have learned to enjoy it.
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Yeah, I have a good many of those "something between corkscrew and s-curl." I had just been thinking that they were corkscrews gone wrong. But, seeing so many others with them, it's nice to know they are just another normal type of curl!

I have wondered if my hair would look like yours (or maybe a little less curly than yours) if I went shorter.
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I suppose it might. Wouldn't you just like to trade lengths and types for a day to find out? I know I would. I think I will like my hair longer but I don't know. I would love to try it out for a day!
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