Depends on if the day I cowashed was a wash and go day or a protective styling day. If it was a day to define my curls I rock that for that day (have yet to achieve second day hair) and then rock my undefined afro for a few days to a week, spritzing with a little water and rubbing a little extra leave in over hair and sealing ends every couple days. I braid in large chunky box braids and wear a satin bonnet at night.

If the cowash day was a protective styling day meaning right after I cowashed I put my hair into a protective style (something where hair is constrained and.or ends are covered which is protective becuase it reduces breakage and tangles). Depending on the protective style I leave it for 1 to 3 weeks, shampooing while in if it's on the longer end. And in between spritzing with water and dabbing moisturizing leave in on the twists/braids, focusing on ends.

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