I have heard this statement many times. I think that white men might appreciate natural hair more than black men do.. BUT I do remember how much more attention i got from white males when my hair was straight or in long braids. I really am not sure if white men prefer the natural hair over long straight hair. But then my hair is short... maybe if I had long curls the white men would love it. I know not all men are the same... but this is just what i have noticed.
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I think we've all heard this as well (and BGWLH has a pretty cool perspective on it).

Personal experience, I believe that black men prefer straight hair more so than white men. My stepmother has some gorgeous locks, and I know for a fact that my father absolutely cannot stand them. He likes women with long straight hair. Most black men I know seem to share the same sentiments. It's incredibly depressing.

Now, the majority of white men I know have their preferences, but they tend to be more liberal, if that makes sense.