Are you finding that you are using more protein since it's summer? I'm up to weekly now with no problems. I wonder if my medium-coarse is leaning more towards medium?

But, shoot, come winter I won't be using it at all...
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Yes, been playing with Protein more then ever this Summer, thanks to YOU I haven't been brave enough to do it more then bi-weekly so far!! Who knows what this Winter will bring, maybe once a month?? I stayed away from Protein other then LVPNG for months.....
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It's RCC fault I found a protein my hair likes (collagen - I almost gave up until reading about her success with finding one) and your fault I found an oil (coconut). For shame. I just wish my hair liked mineral oil because there's so many products I'd like to try.
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Hey, I'm a pusher!

Del, I'm mixing up word definitions. By bi-weekly, do you mean every other week or twice a week? I always mix up bi-weekly and semi-weekly.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.