I had a horrible experience with unwarranted hair touching when I was 11-years old. (I am 20 now.) My hair was cut into a very volumnious stacked curly bob then, almost down to my shoulders. I was in my first year of middle school, eating lunch in the outdoor courtyard. After the bell rang, signaling that lunch was over, most people had left the courtyard, save for me and a few people. I was always really slow at packing things up, so I was usually one of the last to leave. When most of the people had cleared out, a group of four football players surrounded me. All four of them started literally yanking and pulling at my hair, saying things like, "Is it real?", "It looks like an afro!", "What an awful perm!", "She looks like Mufassa from the Lion King"! They basically harassed me and yanked at my hair for about two to three minutes. I kept protesting, telling them to stop, yet they did not cease, nor did any passer-bys stop them. They finally went away once the bell rang again, and I ran crying to the school office. The whole incident was caught on security cameras, yet in the end, none of the boys ended up being punished. One of them was the football coach's son, and the rest were popular and favored with the administration. They did nothing about it; the principal said, "They were just curious!" and a load of other dismissive crap. It was definitely an assault in my book!

Talk about a dual case of curl hatred and athlete favoritism!
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