When I was little, I had bouncy ringlets and the touching and complimenting was part of my daily regime.
Recently, people have just run up to me and tugged on my hair, like it's weird that I don't straighten it.
And now, since I have a cut similar to the voluminous bob aforementioned, people yell "I didn't know white girls could have afros!" "Mufasa's actually a girl!" "Excuse me, I think you should be in the disco era!"
It goes on and on.
Even my best friend has been calling my hair Mufasa since seventh grade.

2C roots, 3A/3B for the rest.
currently growing out... pulled down the longest part of hair is a little past the armpit.

curly goals: GROWING OUT!

routine: Condition daily with Nature's Gate Conditioner, shampoo once a week with Organix Hydrating Shampoo .
Wrap in t-shirt and let dry for ten minutes. Scrunch with Redken Ringlet 07 and blow-dry bangs.