White, Hispanic (my husband is Mexican), and Black men ALL have a greater appreciation for natural hair when they have not been raised to think that there is a such thing as "good hair". When men are able to look past differences in skin color to date outside of their race they are just more receptive to natural hair because they just see it as another difference between races. I think that more (NOT all) Black men have been raised to think that straight is better, so they seem to be less tolerant of natural hair. But in general i think that men like healthy beautiful hair.
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ITA w/this. Especially the bolded. It's a mistake to assume that this love of natural hair i.e. highly curly hair extends to an entire race. It's easy to see how the response of white men to a black woman with natural hair could skew her impression of the race at large though.

Based off of mainstream culture, I doubt if we took a poll there would be more white guys being attracted to black curly cottony haired women than their black counterparts.