And when people (especially men) are bombarded with images of what is considered beautiful then their preferences generally reflect that..and kinky hair is not featured as beautiful. Heck even in black hair care magazines they are always suggesting to relax, texturize, weave, lace front etc the hair.. and all of this leads to one thing: TO HIDE NATURAL HAIR as if showing it is inappropriate ESPECIALLY if it's type 4 hair.

Anyone see the Dr. Miracle's ad ? The woman's hair has "new growth", her hair is wild, messy, and she looks a mess making a distorted face sticking her tongue out.. but when she gets her Dr. Miracle relaxer..suddenly she's smiling brightly, has makeup on, and looks well put together. I mean if a person can't see the message sent in that..well they are blind. And when messages are sent like that in society..what else does one expect of men..even black men.. they are taught kinky hair is not attractive.
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I completely agree. The before pic on any "make over show" from Oprah to What not to wear they make it a point to have the persons hair look a hot mess, not smiling, and no make up on. Afterwards she is put together and looks dramatically different. The same thing goes for hair of any style or length on any man, woman or child. If it is styled nicely and the person is put together even if that look is not the preference he/she will still look good as a whole (including the natural hair). People like what they like.
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