I've had relationships with White, Black, Latino and Asian men. When I wore my hair straight I noticed a difference with only Black men when it came to my hair. ONLY one black man loved my long straight hair (ranged from MBL to TL). All the others hated it and asked me to cut it. They said it was just too much hair. Very weird since I hear most black men love long hair. However, now that I don't flat-iron it anymore and wear it natural ALL the black men I have come across love it. I actually NOW receive compliments from black men when I very rarily did in the past. And NOW I get men (black) touching my hair when this NEVER happened when I wore it straight. Perhaps I've run across strange black men????
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Perhaps you have lol. That's actually refreshing to hear. Please ask them to spread that around to others
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I know right! It really surprised me that I received that type of response from men in general. Makes me feel even better about going natural. What's not so funny is that most of the women I know make smart a%# comments about my hair and how it looked better straight. Haterz!! Who knew that men would be the one's to be supportive. Black men at that.
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