Anyone see the Dr. Miracle's ad ? The woman's hair has "new growth", her hair is wild, messy, and she looks a mess making a distorted face sticking her tongue out.. but when she gets her Dr. Miracle relaxer..suddenly she's smiling brightly, has makeup on, and looks well put together. I mean if a person can't see the message sent in that..well they are blind. And when messages are sent like that in society..what else does one expect of men..even black men.. they are taught kinky hair is not attractive.

I absolutely hate this commercial!!! Every time is comes on my bf looks at me cuz he knows something is going to come out fo my mouth or show on my face!!!! I think its important that we educate our black men on how beautiful natural hair really is instead of being mad. I think a lot of them our products of our society. My bf actually didn't like that I was going natural at first, but I educate him on the struggles that black people had to go thru to learn to love their hair. Her adores it now!!!
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Good points. Because I don't see how getting mad at them will make things any better. Men aren't like women.. men will just think, "Good grief she's rather b*tchy about it!"

I think if it's looked at in a way that men are bombarded with certain looks and are often TOLD what's attractive instead of this idea that men are just stupid and ignorant perhaps some of them would be interested in why some women like natural hair and why it can be nice. But acting all witchified toward a man about it is NOT going to suddenly make them like it that's for sure.

And also, I think sometimes it's just a matter of preference. For instance, I like tall men. My husband is 6'2.. I don't think short men are bad or preference is just a tall man so I married a tall one. LOL!

So if a man just simply LIKES straight hair and expresses that.. I don't think it's fair for women to go nuts on him about it as if he doesn't have a right to like what he likes and DISKLIKE what he doesn't.

But that darn Dr. Miracle commerial is a hot mess.. no two ways about it.. LOL!