same here. I just pull my hair back. I also like the looser look. if my hair is pulled back too tight or too straight it looks awful on me. it makes my face look too severe and/or long. I usually need a bit of hair hanging out of the pony too.
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I third this. I wore severely pulled back ponytails for years before going CG - and now I like the character the little bumps give me (so long as they're not huge bumps).
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I fourth this.
I don't and won't use a brush or a comb because I would probably break it.
If I don't have the little bumps it makes me look severe. They used to annoy(sp? that does not look right) me, but now I kind of like it.

If I pull it back in a ponytail I have to wear it like that the rest of the day because it pulls the wave/curl out.
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5th this. It's too severe on my face and i think it just flows better or looks cuter to have it loose with a few bumps and some hair sticking out. But i think it all depends on your curl type and face shape.