Do you people not even read my posts?

Oceans 11. That was the movie.

I solved this whole mystery, Scoobie style, and no one even reads!

Harumph! This is me leaving in a huff!
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I noticed and was very impressed.
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suck up.

My excuse is that I read this thread while being interrupted at work and responded hours later from home.

But CG hates me now anyways...

*dramatic back of hand to forehead*
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Excuses, excuses! You and your excuses!

Now, back off my New Best Friend (ur jus jellis that u donT hav uh Nu Bstst Freind!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!! H8er1!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)!
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U R Rite, I is jellis! *waaaaaaaaaaaaaah*

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