I DO plop and diffuse, lol, but my hair isn't dripping when I'm plopping or diffusing. When I get out of the shower, I dry off my body, not touching my hair at all, and wrap a towel around myself (body, not hair.) I do all my post-shower stuff (deodorant, lotion, etc) and then I put a bathrobe on. My hair sits on the robe while I put products in. It absorbs a good amount of excess water and I don't get any frizz. By the time I'm done producting and scrunching, it's not dripping at all. I plop to protect it from putting on clothes (shirt over the head) and then almost immediately take down the plop and diffuse until just slightly crunchy.
Not Cindy or Sindy or Syndey or any other such abomination.
It's Sydney, like Australia.
Formerly known as SydneyCurl.