NO I DID NOT SEE THAT COMMERCIAL OR I WOULD HAVE BEEN IRRITATED! (the caps are directed at the Garnier people..not you.. LOL!)

So what the h-e-double hockey sticks is Garnier trying to say ??? And if a woman has 4a/b hair texture there's no dang way some Garnier is going to make it silky straight so can they PLEASE stop fronting! *Sigh*

Um.. why the heck didn't they show Sarah Jessica Parker (their spokeswoman) with frizz and then her after ? (rolling my eyes)... LOL!

Oh but I guess I should be thrilled to some people cause Lo'real doesn't want to put people of color in their commercials unless they look like Beyonce.... opps did I type that ? Rolling my eyes again!
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Guurrrrl, it's a hot a** mess!!! And the woman with the afro is white. I guess they thought maybe that made it better cause she wasn't "supposed" to have hair like that, but when I saw it, my jaw dropped. I've only seen the commercial once, but it's burned into my memory.
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LOL! Well now I am in real shock. I didn't think she was white.. oh well.. LOL! I still don't see even that product making Caucasian hair get silky straight not with out a good flat iron and some MAJOR heat.

These commercials are silly sometimes. What my husband and I have observed though is that in a lot of commercials they feature women of color and little girls of color with their natural hair! My husband and I were watching tv last night and seeing all sorts of little girls and women with their natural hair..we saw dreadlocks on one girl! It was actually fun pointing out them in commercials.. and it was A LOT in various commericals too!

I wonder how come in commercials so many women of color are featured with their natural what makes advertising agencies go for them instead of women of color with straight hair... it's really interesting considering most women of color in the USA are processed straight or flat ironed.