I posted earlier that my daughter and I didn't do too well with the FSG we ordered from BB. We loved the brulee and the butter though---complete

I knew there must be something I wasn't doing right with it..turns out that's sort of correct.

Belasuna (sp?) recommended some things--among which was that I try my daughter's FSG since it had Honey over Agave Nectar for hold. OMG I have complete HG hair right now (drat it all its at night). I have beautiful curls and the waves are just right.

NOW I finally get how you guys love this stuff!! WOW my hair is so soft and feels great. I'm not yet sure it will be enough hold for a full day at work but I can always throw some gel over it.

I had a terrible Apple Cider Vinegar run in this weekend and my hair today was the WORST it has been for months! Yuck! Dry, brittle, almost slimy it was so soft, no curl, seriously considered calling in sick to work..that bad!

So when I came home I did a cowash with TJTTT then used GVP Protein reconstructor. Left it in for 5 minutes. Then used this HSH Pumpkin conditioner (smells awesome!) and then used about 3 quarters worth of my daughters FSG mix. Then plopped about 8 minutes or so. My first time plopping ever. I have short hair so just assumed I couldn't plop.

Turned out I was flat wrong! After I removed the plop my hair had all these spiral curls going underneath and some volume up top. So I pixie diffused for about 4 minutes...then let air dry for about an hour..then just a bit more pixie diffuse and then I scrunched out the crunch. Used some BB Brulee to kind of "set" my hair and it looks great!

I still need a cut--badly--but feel much better. I'm getting a Devacut next week.

Loving the CG way
FIA 2c/3aFi

Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

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