slips out of thread without making any comments
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LMAO, you know I was gonna say something to this affect, but I was like let me say something positive.

Really I would also like to add to my comment that I would hope that it wouldn't matter to anyone what other people think about what naturally grows out of your head.

I know the OP is biracial and your father is white. I'm not sure if that bares any relevance to anything. But I mean your dad married and fathered children with a black woman, so there's bound to be some white guys out there who will appreciate all that comes with being with a woman of African descent.

But all I'm saying is if they didn't like your hair, that shouldn't make you feel any kind of way. I know for a solid fact that if other people didn't like my hair this way they could go kick rocks. I mean it's always nice to get compliments but you have to have a love affair with yourself, you know what I mean?

Also I'd be leery of those "exotic" comments. I mean what are you some type of rare plant or bird? I know that I don't know you, but I'm just trying to give some honest caring advice. Just be careful and don't fall for the okidoke.

Btw NappyCurlyCrown you have been cracking me up every time I read your comments since I've been frequenting this curly forum more and more.