Could someone please let my DH know that white men are supposed to like natural hair? I don't think he got the memo!
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See, this is why peeps can't make a broad statement like this (original post). What does your DH dislike about your hair?
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Well, I think it was more the length than anything at first. But he has told me, because he believes in (brutal) honesty, that he prefers straight long hair. I've told him the only thing that he will get out of me is eventually long but rarely straight.

He pretty much hates it when I wear it in a fro and twists, but likes the twist outs. I take it into consideration if it's his birthday or something, but I mostly wear twists.

I just flat ironed my hair the other day and he just about tripped over himself to compliment me *sigh*

He has made a point in telling me that he did not marry me for my hair and I'm pretty no matter what, but that he will always be honest

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