Ok so, I have a couple questions.
Can you buy the treatment by yourself? It doesn't seem extremely hard to do, but would you recommend this?
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I had the Copolla done last year in a salon and the Brazilian Blowout earlier this year. It is easy to do, so I ordered 2 oz from ebay and did it myself last week. I only used 1 oz and probably didn't get the heat up to 450, but it worked well. Not as flat and straight as the salon, but I'm happy with it. I like having more body and no frizz. Naturally, I'm a 3B/C and now its smooth and straight. Won't ever go back to curly. There used to be a couple of good youtube videos showing the process. I will continue as long as I can get the treatment. At 22.50 a shot, I can beat that. It would be really easy if you have a friend who is good with a flat iron.