I saw this thread and, at first, did a:

But I can't resist. I don't think men or women learn their primary standards of beauty from the media. They get it from their mama...and their grandmamas, and their aunties, and their sisters, and female cousins. The media may reinforce a beauty standard, but female family members teach it first. Many Black men and boys don't accept nappy/kinky hair (not loosely curled haired, aka "good" hair) as beautiful because, quite simply, they were taught otherwise by the women in their family...hearing them speak negatively about it; relaxing it; covering it with wigs, weaves, tree braids or whatever the latest weaving craze. And, of course, greater society sends a similar message; reinforces what they learned at home.

MY SO is African American and ADORES my kinky hair. His father loves natural hair on black women, too. And so does his mother. I don't think his preference is a coincidence....
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I agree with this. My boyfriend doesn't have a problem with natural hair because he was raised around women with natural hair even though they hide under wigs and press n curls. So yes I believe the self hate starts at home.

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