Many of you have said you use coconut oil to seal your hair. And to deep condition. So I was thinking....

Do you normally use extra virgin or refined? Is there a brand that you particular hair?

Also, coconut oil can have a very strong scent - how do you work with that? Especially when you seal your hair. Or is there a brand that doesn't smell as strong? Am I dreaming?
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I use vatika oil, which is coconut oil enriched with henna, amla and lemon. It does have a strong scent to some, but I like it and it makes my hair soft (and it's cheap). I think ladies on here might use the extra virgin coconut oil and you can find that at any whole foods or other health foods store. If you want coconut oil with no scent, you can get fractionated coconut oil, it is lighter though so it might not work too well for sealing. For sealing I mix some vatika and castor oil, it works great!
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I totally agree..i also use the vatika oil. i mix it with extra virgin olive oil and put that on top of my condish for a deep conditioning treatment under the dryer. Love it! Vatika oil is from harveda. It helps with shrinkage.
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