That happened to me twice yesterday. Some of my family was visiting and they haven't seen me in a while, so the moment my cousin (she's 25) sees me,she reaches for my hair and starts feeling away. It caught be by surprise so I got startled and jumped a little . Then she asked "Hey can you do my hair like this?" I told her my hair was curly naturally and she looked at me like this O.O.And I went to the mall with my friend and i had my hair down, in all its curly wonder, so we meet my other friend Franco, and this is what occurs:
Franco: "Hi"*reaches for my hair and starts pulling away at curls*
Me:"Hey, what's u- umm....what are you doing?"
Franco:"Your hair looks really cute like this"
Me:":sarcastically: And thank you for asking if you could touch it."
One day I'm just going to walk up to one of them out of the blue and just start touching their hair to see if they like it. rawr