Thank you! the last time I got them I had them for about 5 months. Sooo easy to wash and care for them and cheap to get the edges retouched. I would've kept them in longer but there was too much new growth.

I washed weekly after i washed I would oil my scalp roller set the hair with setting lotion and sit under the dryer. Sitting under the hood dryer ensured my sew-ins (cornrowed part) dried completely as well as gave my curls a shiny new look when I took the rollers out the next day.
Another plus is that there is so much more selection with hair on weft than hair that comes in (braid) bundles. SO you have loads of style options!
I love it- its the only way I would get micros ever again.
Been a long time... I shouldn't have left you...

Re-Visiting Old Products & Checking out some new products... Coming up with a whole new hair routine... I've neglected my sexy kinks for far too long!

I'm baaaaccckk!

Being a Diva is a full time job...

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